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The Importance of Oven shelf Position

The oven shelf is usually made by chrome plated wire or SS304 wire.
First, find out where your broiler is located. If you see a rod or coil on the “ceiling” of your oven, place food on the top shelf to broil it. That means fish, veggies, open-faced tuna melts…anything you’d like to cook rapidly. Broiled food gets crispy and charred quickly, so keep a close eye on it and be ready to remove it from the oven in a matter of minutes.
If your broiler is located in a separate compartment under the regular oven, the top shelf is a great spot to bake a second tray of cookies—just be sure to rotate the trays halfway through baking so they cook evenly.
Ahh, the area of your oven with the most even heat distribution. Use this as your default oven placement—it’s perfect for everything from turkey to cookies to lasagna.
But if you’re cooking a few items at once, always save the coveted middle shelf for delicate items that have the potential to burn, like pies and pastries. Move more forgiving items, like casseroles, to the top and bottom, then rotate those dishes halfway through the cooking time to make sure they’re baking evenly.
The heat is the most intense at the bottom, so it’s a great place to put pizza and flatbread. You’ll get the same chewy, crispy crust you’d get using a wood-burning oven—especially if you use a pizza stone.
Want gooey melted cheese? Move the pizza to the broiler for the last 30 seconds of baking time.

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