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The analysis of wire grid antenna

Wire grid antenna is usually made by low carbon steel with zinc plated and powder coating.

A description is given of an antenna consisting of an interconnected wire grid formed by etching metallic lines on a dielectric sheet backed by a metallic ground plane. That of operation, analytical model, and experimental findings for this approach to a printed array are described. The device is low cost, light weight, and has sufficient bandwidth to be of use in a variety of applications. An analytical model is developed which establishes transmission line equivalent circuits for the wire grid elements. Current distributions determined from the model are shown to predict accurately the measured pattern performance of a typical implementation. The bandwidth as established by various pattern parameters is quantitatively assessed. Particular emphasis is given to methods of amplitude control through control of line impedances. A particular design implementation is presented for a five-wavelength circular array with independent quadrant control. Measured results from this configuration are compared to that.

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