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How to clean frying wire basket

Frying wire basket is used for the fryers.Before you start to clean anything whatsoever, unplug your deep fryer. If you have used it recently, allow it to cool down completely. Once you are satisfied that your deep fryer has cooled down to room temperature and is perfectly safe to touch, remove your frying wire basket. Set it aside and gather your materials.
You can perform a preliminary cleaning of your basket with the following steps. Start by mixing a solution that is 9/10 vinegar and 1/10 water. Dip your cloth in this mixture and wipe down the basket. You should be able to get it relatively clean with only a few wipes, but do not worry about getting every single particle of grime off just yet. Once you feel you have done a good job, rinse off the basket.
If you have a large sink or tub available that you can wash your fryer in, you can do it there. Otherwise, you will probably have to take it outside, unless you can improvise a solution with materials on hand. If you end up taking the basket outside, you should probably rinse it off with your hose.
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