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How to choose a pet cage

A pet cage should be one of the first items you purchase before taking on the responsibility of a dog. Owners should not feel discouraged to buy a pet cage because it resembles a cage; it is a natural environment that mimics the feel of a den. To put it simply, dogs still retain some qualities and characteristics of their ancestors.
Before the time of domesticated animals, wild dogs would make shelter of small dens. These dens were basically shallow holes or narrow passages, just big enough for the dog to turn around and lie down comfortably, that could offer protection from predators. So, the pet cage is acting as a modernized version of a den, giving your pet private space. The pet cage can also be helpful because its speeds the housebreaking process, discourages destructive chewing and aids in travel.
There are a number of variables that you should take into account when choosing a pet cage. Some aspects to consider before purchasing a pet cage are materials, size and safety.


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