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Adjusting the freezer shelves

Adjust the freezer shelves to match the way you use your freezer.
To remove the shelves:
1.Lift entire shelves slightly.
2.Move shelves all the way to one side.
3.Tilt other side up and out of shelves support cups.
4.Pull shelves up and out.
To replace the shelves:
1.Tilt the shelves and insert into freezer compartment.
2.Insert one end of the shelves all the way into the center of the shelves support cups.
3.Lower other end of shelves and insert into the shelves support cups.
4.Lower shelves into place.
NOTE:The shelves should lower slightly and lock into place. If the shelves does not appear sturdy, make sure both ends of the shelves are inserted into the
shelves support cups.

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